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P1535 (Two-headed Boy of Bengal)

"P1535 (Two-headed Boy of Bengal)" is copyright  2008 by James G. Mundie. All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

woodcut, 8 x 4 inches, 2008
[Hunterian Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons (London)]
(SurgiCat database link)

Specimen P1535, being “the skull of a young boy with a second imperfect skull attached to its anterior fontanelle,” known colloquially as “The Two-headed Boy of Bengal.” The child in question was born in 1783, and was roughly four years old at the time of death, which was reportedly caused by a bite from a cobra. The child's parents displayed him as a freak exhibit, keeping him hidden under a blanket until the agreed price was received.

[detail enlargement]

This print received a materials award from Dr. Roberta Waddell, emerita Curator at New York Public Library, during jurying for Boston Printmakers 2009 North American Print Biennial

All prints by James G. Mundie.
[Reproduction in any form without express written permission
of the artist is prohibited.
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