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Whenever I visit a museum, I always have my sketchbook in hand. Many museums do not allow photography; but there are times when the pen is more effective than the lens. Translating the image from my eye through my hand makes for a more intimate experience of the object and helps me to understand it on a deeper level. Because drawing usually takes considerably more time than I would require with the camera, I choose my subjects carefully. When visiting a new museum (or even revisiting an old favorite) I will allow my eyes to wander over the cases to see which objects ‘speak’ to me, then spend time with each of those in turn.

I draw directly in ink. There is no preliminary sketching with pencil, no erasing.

Below are examples of sketches from recent museum excursions. I will continue to add new drawings to this page as I create them.

Uranoscopus (Stargazer) Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant (1761-1783) P1535 (Hunterian Museum) P62 (Hunterian Museum) RCSHM/Osteo. 227 Part 1 (Hunterian Museum)

RCSPC/S 57.5 (Hunterian Museum) 3480 (fetal sloth) RCSHM/Osteo 37 (Hunterian Museum) P-0339 (Universiteitsmuseum Groningen) Cephalo(thoraco)pagus

C13/C4 EA 41603 (British Museum) Conjoined bovine (Musée Dupuytren) No. 114 (Musée Dupuytren) Cochon déradelphe (A8440)

Untitled (Musée Dupuytren) Untitled (Museum Bleulandinum) Amorphus (Museum Vrolik) Hydrocephalic (Museum Vrolik) Ichthyosis (Musée Dupuytren)

No. 679 (Museum Vrolik) No. 7010 (Mütter Museum) No. 1145.70 (Mütter Museum) No. 8762 (Mütter Museum) No. 1006.012: Szigeth (Mütter Museum)

Conjoined twins (Mütter Museum) Fetus with exencephaly (Mütter Museum) Two-headed goat: Billy and Bucky Three-legged Chicken F205.5 (Mütter Museum)

Skull of Mary Ashberry (Mütter Museum) Soap Lady (Mütter Museum) Cephalothoracopagus (Mütter Museum) No. 17839.29 (Mütter Museum) Sirenomlia (Mütter Museum)

Bergamo (Hyrtl Collection, Mütter Museum) Skeleton of Harry Eastlack (Mütter Museum) Skull of a Giant (Mütter Museum) Flayed Man in Repose (Body Worlds) Sections (Body Worlds)

Dissected camel (Body Worlds) Central nervous system (Body Worlds) 3694 (NMHM) M-906046 (NMHM) M-909090 (NMHM)

Kinderhoofdje met Turkse Muts (Museum Bleulandinum) No. 7084.14 (Mütter Museum) Fetal Skeletons (Mütter Museum) No. 1098.01 354 (Mütter Museum) No. 1161.07 – Syphilitic necrosis in female, age 26 (Mütter Museum)

No. 7010 (Mütter Museum) No. 1006.080 – Czech (Mütter Museum) No. F2004.38 (Mütter Museum) Brac Island Dalmatian and Boechedi Cattaro (Mütter Museum) No. 1194.5 - Tuberculosis of the Spine (Pott’s Disease)

Cat skull with glass eyes (Mütter Museum) Harry Eastlack’s remains (Mütter Museum) No. 1000.40 – full term and postpartum (Mütter Museum) No. 1006.019 and 1006.020 (Mütter Museum) Gennaro Trompetta, age 13 (No. 1006.112)

The Mütter American Giant (No. 1143.00) Bathynomus doederleinii

All drawings by James G. Mundie.
[Reproduction in any form without express written permission
of the artist is prohibited.
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